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AI Universe

Simon Van Parys

28/10/'23 - 03/12/'23
opening night Fri 27/10/'23

Simon Van Parys' AI Universe will be the first exposition in the rebuilded Nodenaysteen gallery.

"AI UNIVERSE" is an upcoming exhibition that brings Simon's entire sculpting practice to life in the digital realm of AI.

"As a traditional sculptor who primarily works with old-school handmade sculptures, I ventured into the world of offline-generated AI, specifically exploring the realm of Stable Diffusion. This exhibition showcases the possibilities of crafting your own universe through the full power of personalized AI at your fingertips.

"AI UNIVERSE" begins with the past creation of clay sculptures, and these serve as the foundation for my AI models, which I personally trained. AI became a co-creator, generating images that resonated with my artistic vision. For example, my "submarine sculptures" underwent astonishing transformations under the influence of AI. They transcended the bounds of reality, floating through space, exploding into vibrant displays, and moving faster than light—all without an online connection.

The process in "AI UNIVERSE" harmoniously blends handwork with offline AI technology. After the AI generated images, I stepped in with digital hand drawing tools to further refine the results of the AI.

"AI UNIVERSE" is a journey where my sculptures give birth to captivating digital creations, where my hand meets AI, and where art finds innovation. This exhibition challenges conventions and redefines what's possible in contemporary art, all while highlighting the special nature of offline AI."

See you on the opening night on the 27th of October! The exhibition will run until the 3th of December


Read a full interview with Simon Van Parys by Hilde Van Canneyt here

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secure step

14/07/'23 - 23/07/'23

During the 'Gentse Feesten' we showed the new Taito step in our space

#art ⧞ #technology



White Canvas

01/11/21 - 28/10/'23

Together with Isabel Soenen, we are reimaging the whole space.

See you soon


0.2 Fait Accompli

Damien Degrave

01/09/'21 - 30/10/'21

A small selection of works from Damien De Grave.
these works are a first version of a NFT / analog experiment developped by the Allusion team together with the artist.

0.1 EXPOnential
Philippe Van de Velde / Allusion / Quint Daenen

1/7/'21 - 30/8/'21

From Thursday 1 July 2021, a temporary installation will be presented in the showcase of nodenaysteen under the title EXPOnential. This is a realisation of Philippe van De Velde, also known from Studio Orka, in collaboration with the Allusion team  & Quint Daenen. The work-in-progress installation with pollarded willow branches and metal supports - in itself an absurd combination - aims to bring together 'old' and 'contemporary'. It is the maker's first conceptual installation, inspired by the building's shell. We show you a video installation where the projection of the filmed is repeated on different carriers, while the rhythm of the repetition slows down exponentially. It is the version 0.1 of an application that will eventually serve to illustrate the power of blockchain technology in the realm of art, but also privacy and other domains. It is a first visible realisation, a kind of proof of concept, the essence of what Allusion stands for: art ⧞ human ⧞ technology.
You can view this montage all summer long in the showcase.

0.0 Amor Mundi

Inez Louagie

15/6/'21 - 01/07/'21

The first image in the building's display window slash art gallery is by Inez Louagi. The artist, whose bio is "drawing, painting, doodling through life", is driven by the urge to tell a story. She does this with words and images. With her instinctive hand, she explores the thin line between intuitive, abstract and conceptual work, worked out with a mix of techniques, ranging from drawing and painting to sculpture. In her practice, she likes to bridge the gap between art and story with visual storytelling. Perfection does not interest the sculptor, it is the imperfections that make her work interesting.

In the work Amor Mundi, we see an almost explosive big bang, albeit with a poetic feel. We sense a tension between power and impotence, darkness and light, hope and melancholy, although her work is usually not uninhibited. Yet her oeuvre often contains underlying humour. Louagi is also fascinated by non-linear timelines and experiences and the way we are connected to lives before and after us. The sculptor sees many links between activism and art. In her own words, she also wants to make sensitive work with a strong political-social resonance.

The sculpture Amor Mundi was used as the cover for the book with the same title by Steven Vromman (aka Low Impact Man). This positive 'post-apocalyptic look-ahead novel' aims to show us a mirror of how our current actions could very well cost us dearly in a few decades' time. Think of future words like dream farms, no-direction streets, heat carpets and rain bombs. The title of the work Amor Mundi, with the subtitle 'Preliminary memoirs of a child of revolution 2025-52 ', therefore seemed appropriate as an opener to our art window.